Toxins in everyday life and how to avoid them

What should I eat? Where do I buy healthy food? What car should I drive? These are some of the questions people have started asking themselves in recent years. Don’t get me wrong, asking these questions is definitely important. But are there any areas we are missing? Perhaps areas in our lives we haven’t even considered?

In fact, toxins and nasty chemicals can be found in almost everything. From the pesticides on our produce, to the chemicals in our cosmetics; well, even in our computers. All these toxins are circulating in our environment, making their way through our water, polluting the air we breathe… until they are absorbed by humans and wildlife through food, water and even our skin. 

Maybe it’s time to add a few questions to our list: What’s in my shampoo? What about my cleaning products, my deodorant or even my toothpaste? New research is finding that toxic chemicals can lurk in the most common, yet surprising, places. Don’t worry, there’s no need to freak out. The product choices you make and the habits you form can make a real difference:

-          Add green to your space: Plants are a great way to naturally purify the air around you.

-          Use natural personal care items: Toxins like phthalates, parabens and formaldehyde can cause health issues. Natural personal care products often use plant-based ingredients and avoid nasty chemicals.

-          Switch to glass: Plastic is damaging both our environment and our bodies. One way to help reduce plastic production and exposure is to switch to glass. 

-          Use natural cleaning items: Just as with personal care products, cleaning products introduce toxins into your space. 


-          Go organic: With the fertilizer and pest control chemicals today, it’s no surprise that toxins end up on our produce. Though more expensive, it’s worth swapping a couple of items from your weekly shop if you can. 

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