Martin Bruderer

My expertise

  • Several years of training with Inge Johansson, THE expert in strength training and weightlifting
  • Advanced training at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sports containing the following six disciplines: psychology, training theory / endurance, leadership, sports medicine, sports coaching, technique / tactics
  • YPSI trainer license by Wolfgang Unsöld, founder and head coach of “Your Personal Strength Institute” (YPSI).
  • Seminar by expert Dr. Tom O'Bryan on his "Autoimmune Prevention Program"
  • Specialization in Functional Hypertrophy - "Train like an Athlete".
  • Several years of further training in the areas of Clean Eating as well as Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
  • Further education as a Biohacking Expert for Anti-Aging and Longevity

about me

"I preach water and I drink it, too." - This is the motto I train and live by, the way I support and advise my clients.


I am an extremely open person who places a lot of value on the personal relationship with my clientele. For me, training together means much more than just having a professional agreement. We reach common goals, get to know each other and have fun. 


At a very young age, it was already evident that my heart beats for movement and natural nutrition. And what started with an irrepressible urge to move, became a passion for sports and health. Team sports were my solution to use my energy in a meaningful way. At first, soccer channeled my energy and later on ice hockey. At the age of 20, I reached my goal to be a professional ice hockey player with EHC Kloten - within 14 years, my enthusiasm and my skills led to four ice hockey championship titles and several games in the national league.


During this time, my interest in training and nutrition peaked. I tried out many different things and met countless trainers with unique philosophies and approaches. This was an extremely enriching experience to me which fueled my thirst for knowledge even more.