Health, Anti-Aging and Longevity


There are two factors which are particularly important for our health: Nutrition and Fitness. Exercising requires energy – and without the right fuel from food there cannot be any progress in terms of muscle building or endurance. Athletes, in particular, need more energy. This, in turn, means that athletes need to consume more energy in order to achieve optimal performance during trainings and to ensure good regeneration. Therefore, it is crucial that we adapt your diet to the respective exercise and that we work on a suitable nutrition plan. Health, to me, is a holistic matter and the ultimate goal. Let's do it together. 

My Tools

1. Nutritional coaching

Each person has their own unique microbiome made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other organisms - most of which live in our gut. Our gut microbiome has a significant impact on our overall health and well-being. The bacteria living in our gut determine whether we are prone to digestive problems, how we metabolize sugar, protein and fat, and how this affects our metabolism. Additionally, our weight and the health of our liver, kidney or cardiovascular system are closely related to the bacteria living in our gut microbiome. This, in turn, means that food, which is compatible and, therefore, healthy for one person, can be incompatible and unhealthy for another person. Thus, based on the latest scientific results, I highly recommend a customized diet to my clients.


Since our microbiome is crucial for our overall health, we should always keep an eye on it and have it checked regularly.


About the importance of our gut microbiome:

  • Prevention of digestive problems
  • Increase in immunity
  • Improvement of mental health
  • Support of weight management
  • Improvement of food utilization
  • Influence on skin condition
  • Increase in fitness

2. Personal training, Fitness


Physical fitness, meaning strength, endurance and flexibility, is a health factors that we should definitely integrate into our health plan if we want to stay healthy with


My personal training is aimed at people who appreciate their own bodies and want to take a different approach to increasing their fitness and health.


 What makes the difference:

  • Flexibility. Whether you would like to train spontaneously, selectively or regularly - you determine the day, time, scope, frequency and place: Outdoors with me or in the gym.
  • Individual training. Just you and me.
  • Modern training methodology. Effective and scientifically proven.
  • Motivation. I design and organize our trainings and make sure that discipline and regularity can be coordinated with work and family.
  • Relaxed atmosphere. You train off the beaten track, concentrated and in peace.

3. Health Coaching, Longevity, Anti-Aging

The older we get, the more so-called "age-related diseases" occur. Longevity products, technologies and services aim to reduce these diseases and counteract them to not let them arise in the first place.  


To slow down aging, there is a new (preventive & self-determined) health culture. New scientific technologies allow us to shape health preventively and individually.


Our daily load of toxins, hormones and pollutants is enormous. We can eliminate many of these substances by eliminating cosmetics, household items and foods that contain harmful substances. In their place, we can use natural alternatives. We also have the possibility to test for genetic weaknesses and intolerances and adjust our diet and supplementation accordingly.


Together, we work out your personal Health plan – by taking all of the above aspects into account.